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Edge Naturale Hair Vitamins

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Sometime last year 2020, I noticed hair loss at the top of my head. I immediately went to my dermatologist and he prescribed me a lotion to put on my scalp. I took pictures since I noticed the bald spot. I would go to the dermatologist every month and get injections in that spot as well. Edge Naturale emailed me about their hair vitamins. I started taking them some time last month ( February) . I saw a change. My hair started filling in on the bald spot. My hair looked shiny and thicker. A lady asked my beautician what she put on my hair because it looked shiny . She said this spray for flatiron. I really think it’s a combination of the spray and the hair vitamins. I was told and observed the older I got in age, the thinner my hair became. I really have thick hair. It came out before in my teens due to lupus however I grew back a full head of hair. As I gotten older , I would experience small bald spots from time to time due to lupus. This time, I got the help I needed from these hair vitamins. That spot was completely bald with no hair follicles and now it has hair follicles even dandruff. I know people don’t like dandruff but to someone who lost their hair, dandruff means it’s a possibility hair can grow there. I recommend people to buy these hair vitamins rather you are dealing with hair loss or not. These vitamins will keep your hair healthy and on your head. Go to their website at :

Below is a slide show of my hair journey. My bald spot right at the beginning of taking hair vitamins and the treatments at the dermatologist and after taking the vitamins for several weeks.

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